Click Todd Lesage Todd Lesage-Founder

Acoustic and electric guitars, lead vocals, principal writer of songs

Click Darrell 'Acid Man' Lesage Darrell Lesage-Founder

Drums, acoustic guitar, mandolin, lead and harmony vocals, writer of songs

Click Bryon 'Heavy Miller' Beernaerts Bryon Beernaerts-Founder

Dobro, lead guitars, writer of songs

Click Travis Haugen Travis Haugen - Joined in 2008

Bass guitar, vocals, writer of songs

Click Darryl Broszeit Darryl Broszeit - joined in 2013

Lead Guitar

The Story.....

Looking for lyrics? Well you won't see any here. Wanna know why? Because that just wouldn't be old school now would it? You didn't see Johnny Cash or Hank Williams posting lyrics on their albums and you won't see us doing it either. We want you to listen to the music a thousand times and memorize the lyrics just like the old days. Instead we thought we'd tell you a little story about the band.

When my brother and I were growing up our mom and dad used to either have parties or take us to parties almost every weekend. There was always guitars, fiddles, mandolins, accordions, banjos and harmonicas around as far as the eye could see. My dad and his buddies would jam all night long to what they referred to as "GOOD OL' COUNTRY MUSIC". Well me and my bro had a lot to learn before we could appreciate the true sense of the word "country".

That's where our old pal Darcy"Pepper" Laing comes into play. I met Pepper through a buddy of mine at elementary school. He told me that Pepper was a guitar player and the rest is pretty much history. Me and Pepper would jam in his parent's house in a bedroom for the next 6 years, rolling out our favorite rock tunes, Pepper on the gitter, me on the skins. Meanwhile my brother the "Acid Man" had his own thing goin' honing his rockin' Led Zeppelin percussion style with a band caled Sacrifice. Well me, Pepper, and my bro Darrell Lesage finally parted ways (like most small town boys do) around 1989. All of us went on the road livin' the life of musicians and fulfilling our dreams. Along our travels we met a man that called himself "Heavy Miller", otherwise known as Mr. Bryon Beernaerts. Heavy ran a recording studo in Winnipeg, Manitoba and we had some pretty wicked parties at that place. It wasn't long before Heavy and I was jamming around together in several different bands in Winnipeg.

In 1994 Pepper came back from Vancouver on a holiday where he had been living for the past few years. Pepper needed a drummer so me and Pepper packed up and headed west with three hundred bucks, the clothes on our backs and a van with no brakes. We stayed out there for five years, shot some videos, got tons of airplay on Much Music and partied like caged animals. We ran out of cash, I ended up living in a van down by the river, so we decided to head on home. Shortly after that Darrell headed back from Victoria and we decided it was time to start our own band, a band of brothers you could say. Darrell and I had never played in a band together, partly because we were both drummers, partly because we were scared of the success that would undoubtedly occur. I switched to playing guitar and fronting the band, Darrell took up the mandolin, Pepper the bass guitar and Bryon the dobro. That my friends was the beginning of AFTER ALL THESE YEARS.

Now the band has released 4 CD's, played on numerious TV and radio shows, and is becoming one of Canada's most sought after bands. Who would have thought? Well actually, we knew it all along. Our dad used to tell us that nothing comes free in this world and you have to fight for what you believe in. We've come from the trenches and we're here to stay. The one thing that makes us unique is that we'll still drive 1500 miles for no money because we not only love what we do but want you to love what we do as well.That's what separates the men from the boys in this business folks, hard work and hard livin'.

Todd Lesage

Present Day.....

Darcy 'Pepper' Laing left the band in 2008, to be replaced by bassist and vocalist Travis Haugen. Bryon Beernaerts left in 2013 and was replaced by Darryl Broszeit on guitar. Bryon returned to the band in 2015 and it's pretty much been business as usual, that being playing the music we love and oh yea, tryin' to get rich doin' it. We probably won't, but we'll die happy.

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